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MaNIS is open to participation by institutions dedicated to providing access to high-quality mammal specimen information. Though there is no formal data accreditation mechanism, there is a registration process managed through the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), during which a prospective data provider will be assessed for suitability to be included in the MaNIS network.

Discussions pertaining to MaNIS take place on the Mammal-Z-Net list. To find out more about the Mammal-Z-Net list, and how to subscribe, send email to with just this one-line command in the body of your message:

INFO mammal-z-net

The process of setting up a data provider compatible with the MaNIS system is explained on the GBIF web page How to Become a GBIF Data Provider. Of the provider options available, MaNIS currently supports the Distributed Generic Information Retrieval (DiGIR) protocol using the MaNIS version of the Darwin Core 2 conceptual schema. MaNIS will migrate to the use of TAPIR and the Darwin Core standard with its geospatial and curatorial extensions as it is ratified by the Taxonomic Databases Working Group. For more information and assistance with joining MaNIS, please contact John Wieczorek.

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